Ensuring The Continuity Of Maternal, Infant, And Young Child Nutrition (MIYCN) Messages

A Joint Initiative By Partners


The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic resulted in closing of the Anganwadi Centres (wherever the centres had resumed its services recently), significantly reducing the footfall at antenatal clinics/outreach centres. Further, frontline functionaries namely the Auxiliary Nurse Midwives, Anganwadi Workers, and Accredited Social Health Activists have been entrusted the task of contact tracing and supporting the COVID vaccination. As a result, their ability to deliver/reach critical messages to eligible target groups is limited.  As the health and ICDS system is currently overburdened with the task of breaking the virus transmission and achieve COVID vaccination, it is important that partners complement efforts to tap alternate channels to spread critical information on health and nutrition to families.

With the support and guidance from key IYCF and Maternal Nutrition partners- Alive & Thrive, UNICEF, and WeCan jointly developed a campaign Breastfeeding is the Best Feeding which included two sets of messages for families and communities i.e. Breastfeeding during COVID-19 and Care for Lactating Mothers. The messages were drawn from the joint communication work undertaken by partners to design flyer on Maternal Nutrition, Breastfeeding, and Complementary Feeding.

Since it is a phase-wise dissemination of messages, we are glad to share the phase two messages focusing on the Importance of Complementary Feeding.

The joint effort aims to enhance awareness, knowledge, and skills among families and communities to continue core maternal nutrition, breastfeeding, and complementary feeding practices.

The campaign is a mix of awareness and engagement led posts.

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Importance of Complementary Feeding

  1. #DoYouKnow on completion of six months, a variety of mashed complementary foods should be initiated along with breastfeeding!

2. #DoYouKnow on completion of six months, when the child receives age-appropriate nutrition, his/her physical and mental development flourishes.

3. #DoYouKnow What completes a child’s POSHAN Story?

It is the continuation of breastfeeding with variety of mashed foods, IFA syrup, albendazole tablets, Vitamin A syrup, and safe drinking water.

4. On completion of six months, follow these golden rules. #NourishandFlourish your child with right foods along with breastfeeding!

5. #DoYouKnow delayed introduction of complementary foods affects child’s growth and cognitive development.

6. #NourishandFlourish your child by providing enough energy and nutrients for child’s physical and cognitive development.

7. #DoYouKnow How to feed child during sickness/illness?

Increase the fluid intake, give small frequent meals, and one extra meal after the recovery.

8. #SwasthyaMantra Parents should make right choices to provide adequate nutrition to their child.

Make sure to feed your child just right!

9. #SwasthyaMantra for completing the child’s POSHAN story: Routine immunization and regular growth monitoring!

10. #HygieneMantra

All foods should be hygienically prepared, stored, and fed to children

11. #HygieneMantra

For mothers/caregivers during the times of COVID-19.

Handwashing, cleaning of utensils, and wearing the medical mask!

Breastfeeding during COVID-19

1: Breastfeeding is Important at all times, including COVID-19

Breastfeeding benefits outweigh potential risks associated with COVID-19. 

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Is there a risk of virus transmission through the breastmilk of mother confirmed/suspected of COVID-19?

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3: Magic of mother’s milk in first six months

Colostrum is the first immunization for the newborn.

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4: Can you breastfeed your baby with COVID-19 around?

Breastfeeding not only improves the survival of your newborn, but also improves health as a mother.

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5: Newborn’s care during COVID-19

Is it safe to handover newborn to a confirmed/suspected COVID-19 mother for skin-to-skin contact?

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6: Do you know?

What a mother confirmed/suspected of COVID-19 can do to breastfeed safely?

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7: Can I breastfeed safely if I do not have a face mask?

It is advisable to wear a face mask during breastfeeding, but if you do not have one then…

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8: Do I clean my breast before breastfeeding the baby?

It is a 20 second formula to ensure breastfeeding takes place safely.
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9: Do YOU know?

It is completely safe for a mother with confirmed or suspected of COVID-19 to breastfeed.
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World Breastfeeding Week 2021- COVID-19
10: hygiene mantra for a breastfeeding mother

A breastfeeding mother confirmed/suspected of COVID-19 must follow hygiene steps to ensure breastfeeding takes place safely.

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World Breastfeeding Week 2021- COVID-19
11: if a mother is not well, encourage her to express!

If a mother is confirmed/suspected of COVID-19 and is not able to breastfeed then what can be done?

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Care for Lactating Mothers

1: Formula or no formula?

Is it safe to feed infant the formula milk if the mother is confirmed/suspected of COVID-19?

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2: There is always a solution to ‘express’

If a mother is confirmed/suspected of COVID-19 and is not able to breastfeed her newborn, then encourage her to express milk.

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3: Hygiene mantra

There are key things for a mother to remember before expressing the breastmilk to ensure proper hygiene.

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4: what completes a mother’s poshan story?

If you are breastfeeding, do you know what completes a mother’s POSHAN story?

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5: When in doubt ask it out!

Continue breastfeeding even if the infant is confirmed/suspected of COVID-19. During any illness infants must be breastfed more often.


6: Mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition for a baby
There is no need of ‘top-up’ with an infant formula milk. Mother infected or suspected to have COVID-19 can safely breastfeed. #StanpanHaiZaruri   #DoYouKnow   #COVID19
7: Breast feeding is the best feeding !

It is important to support mothers to resume lactation after recovering from COVID-19

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