POSHAN Maah - 2021

Key Nutrition Messages


With India’s reinforcing commitment to address malnutrition, POSHAN Maah 2021 champions the spirit of improving nutritional outcomes for children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. This POSHAN Maah Message toolkit consists of multi-media collaterals covering key themes related to Mother, Infant, Young Child, and Adolescent Nutrition (MIYCAN) along with the awareness on the need to link agriculture with nutrition through POSHAN Vatikas and bring more focus to food fortification. The Message Toolkit is aligned with the POSHAN Maah guidelines for 2021 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.

The aim of the toolkit is to reach maximum number of people as a knowledge based product for improving nutrition and its further amplification of messages on digital media platforms through the POSHAN Maah.

The collaterals are in downloadable format or find the open copies that can be used for language translation or individual brandings, if considered necessary. You can access the open files here

Recommended Hashtags that are used in the toolkit and are suggested for further dissemination of messages by Partners :

#DoYouKnow #SwasthyaMantra #WhatToEat  #FourMantras

Recommended Tags: @WeCan4POSHAN @BMGFIndia @MinistryWCD @NITIAayog @POSHAN_Official @POSHANsm @UNICEFIndia @NutritionIntl @cfnsnewdelhi @aliveandthrive

Key Messages on Yoga

#SwasthyaMantra Yoga during pregnancy increases strength, flexibility, and endurance of pelvic floor muscles needed for childbirth #POSHANMah2021

#SwasthyaMantra Yoga during adolescence provides flexibility to growing bones and muscles #POSHANMah2021

Key AYUSH Practices for better nutrition- ANC and nutrition for Pregnant woman and Lactating woman (Including the guidance for COVID-19)

#DoYouKnow Taking Folic Acid (1st trimester) and IFA (2nd trimester onwards), albendazole for deworming, and calcium tablets can prevent anaemia and ensure the health of a pregnant woman? #POSHANMah2021

Be Proactive and Alert During Pregnancy!

Go for timely antenatal check-ups for the health of mother and new-born #POSHANMah2021

#SwasthyaMantra Eating iron rich foods and 1 IFA red for 180 days after delivery prevents the risk of anaemia and ensures health of a lactating mother?#POSHANMah2021

During the times of #COVID19, if a mother is not able to directly breastfeed the new-born, then EXPRESS. #POSHANMah2021

A breastfeeding must be aware of key things during #COVID19 and should not provide any top up to the infant. #POSHANMah2021

Key Messages for  POSHAN VATIKA

#DoYouKnow How community based Agri-nutrition intervention worked in the Rayagada district, Odisha?#POSHANMah2021

To know more, you can access the Practice Insight: CLICK HERE

#DoYouKnow How community based Agri-nutrition intervention worked in the Rayagada district, Odisha? #POSHANMah2021

Key Messages for Anemia Prevention

#DoYouKnow How to prevent anaemia in boys and girls aged 6-59 months?

IFA syrup, iron rich foods, and biannual deworming through albendazole. #POSHANMah2021

#DoYouKnow How to prevent anaemia in boys and girls aged 5-9 years?

IFA Pink tablet, iron rich foods, and biannual deworming through albendazole. #POSHANMah2021

#DoYouKnow How to prevent anaemia in Women of Reproductive Age?

IFA Red tablet, iron rich foods, and biannual deworming through albendazole. #POSHANMah2021

Key Messages for Diet Diversity  and Maternal Nutrition

#DoYouKnow What completes a Mother’s POSHAN Story?

It is the balanced diet with diverse food groups #POSHANMah2021

#DoYouKnow What is the secret to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby?

Consuming diverse nutrient-rich food in right quantity at regular intervals #POSHANMah2021

#WHATTOEAT to beat the anxiety during pregnancy in COVID-19? Eating Right helps reduce the anxiety, regulating mood, sleep, and energy levels. #POSHANMah2021

Key Messages for Complementary Feeding

#DoYouKnow After child is six months, their nutritional needs keep evolving. #POSHANMah2021

#DoYouKnow after six months, complementary feeding should be initiated along with breastfeeding because it is crucial to increase child’s food intake in quantity with age. #POSHANMah2021

#DoYouKnow What completes a child’s POSHAN story?

Complementary feeding, safe drinking water, and breastfeeding completes your child’s POSHAN story. #POSHANMah2021

Key Messages for Adolescent Nutrition

#SwasthyaMantra What constitutes appropriate nutrition during adolescence?

Adequate quantity and quality of food, good intake of water, exposure to sunlight, and exercising regularly #POSHANMah2021


#DoYouKnow Adolescence is a vulnerable period for developing obesity. To avoid the risk correct food portions, low fatty products, healthy oils, low calories beverages, monitoring weight and exercises are important #POSHANMah2021

#FourMantras to be followed during adolescence to be solid and smart! #POSHANMah2021

Key Messages for Food Fortification

Enriching Food, Enriching Lives!

Fortified Food contains vitamin and minerals essential for good health #POSHANMah2021

Look for +F Logo to buy food fortified with key vitamins and minerals #POSHANMah2021

Eat Right, Eat Fortified!

Staple Food Fortification is a proven intervention to address micronutrient malnutrition #POSHANMah2021

Eating Fortified fills missing nutrients gaps like Vitamin A, D, B12, Iron, Iodine and Folic Acid in your daily diet! #POSHANMah2021

Eating Fortified makes you stronger and healthier! #POSHANMah2021