Stories of Hope

Saving lives from the grip of malnutrition through counselling and support

Meet Rani Devi from Prem Nagar, Sitamarhi, mother of three children. She has borne her first child at the age of 17 and her third child on 30 September 2021, through normal delivery. At birth, the child weighed 3 kg. However, over the weeks the child started to lose weight.

The child was exclusively breastfed, and the mother was being regularly counselled by AWW, Kiran Devi and ASHA Anita Devi. The weight continued to fall and had reduced to 2.2 kg. The ASHA and AWW in the village were notified on the issue and looking at the severity, the child was immediately referred to the nearest health facility. At the facility, the child was diagnosed with urinary tract infection and was treated accordingly.

After a month, during the POSHAN Pakhwada fortnight, the child was brought back to the facility, where it has been observed that he has gained weight and has come under the normal range. The mother continued breastfeeding the child with right positioning and attachment, as counselled by ASHA and AWW. The six months old child now weighed 6 kg and 63 CM. Hence, with support, proactiveness and right guidance from the health workers a child has been saved from the grip of malnutrition.