Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to ensure that nutrition requirements of a newborn is met adequately. However, working with health facilities and communities in India has shown us that lactating mothers and families of newborns have several fears and concerns around how to safely feed their babies and take care of mothers and their diet during pregnancy and lactation period. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased these fears multifold.

In these times, when in-person interactions are being discouraged as an infection protection measure how can mothers and their families continue to ensure that infants are breastfed?

In answer to the call, PATH and WeCan have collaborated to develop an exclusive space where mothers and families of newborns and infants can access accurate, credible, and evidence-based information, guidance and support services on maternal support, infant feeding and care.  It contains a comprehensive range of resource materials from the Government and development partners and links to mothers’ and parenting support groups, helplines, lactation experts and associations.