WeCan organises, supports and facilitates events, workshops and discussions in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders and nutrition partners. WeShare acts as a platform for partners to come together and share their learnings for strengthening efforts to improve nutrition outcomes.  

2nd C2IQ Meeting – Odisha Partners Youth against Malnutrition in Odisha, November 11, 2020
Deliberations on improving quality of nutrition services & ensuring last mile convergence
Maternal Support & Newborn Care in COVID TImes​, September 22, 2020
Coverage, Continuity, Intensity and Quality Meeting (C2IQ) -Rajasthan, September 8, 2020
1st Coverage, Continuity and Quality Meeting (C2IQ)-Assam, August 26, 2020
AMB Webinar Series: Solid Body, Smart Mind Demand Generation for Anemia Mukt Bharat​, August 5, 2020
Virtual Global Symposium Celebrating the World Breastfeeding Week , August, 1 & 4, 2020
3rd C2IQ Meeting -Jharkhand ​​, July 10, 2020
C2IQ Meeting - Odisha​​, July 3, 2020
2nd C2IQ Meeting -Uttar Pradesh​​, May 28, 2020
2nd C2IQ Meeting, Jharkhand, April 14, 2020
Nutrition Network Meeting Partnerships to Achieve C2IQ, December 23, 2019
C2IQ Nutrition Partners Network Meeting -Jharkhand​, September 25, 2019
State Action Plan for Micronutrient Supplementation Launch in Jharkhand​, February 25, 2019
WeCan Launch in Jharkhand​​, April 27, 2018